About Bike Shreveport

Our Mission

We intend to show as many people as possible that bicycles are indeed a viable transportation option, by riding in groups and following laws pertaining to cyclists, as well as general safety tips. Through this practice, we will demonstrate, to the City of Shreveport, the need for improved infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrians. Because a city that walks, bikes, and uses public transportation, is exponentially happier and healthier.

Our focus is simple, cycling advocacy through practice. We organize rides in the city of Shreveport and demonstrate safe and efficient cycling habits with each and every ride. The best way to establish a presence and make a change for the betterment of the city and its concerned citizens is by getting out there and riding our bikes. You just have to see for yourself what this means, so come join us, and we will show you.

Our Work

We have worked together with casual, transportation, and veteran riders since 2014 to grow a community of aware and active riders in Shreveport. We participate in national Bike Month and Critical Mass-style events to increase ridership in the area. We have also worked to educate young and old riders and drivers on safe biking habits and the law regarding bikes and sharing the road.

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