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We want to show as many people as possible that bicycles are a viable transportation option by creating a culture of biking conducive to riders and drivers alike.

Bike Safety

Riders and drivers alike have rules of the road. Learn how to share the road safely.

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Bike Path Pilot Program

Everything you need to know about Shreveport’s first bike paths – where they are and how to use them.

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Bike Laws

What are the rules of the road for riders AND drivers? Learn to share the road responsibly.

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Riding Together

Growing a Community of Commuters

Our focus is simple, cycling advocacy through practice. We organize rides in the city of Shreveport and demonstrate safe and efficient cycling habits with each and every ride. The best way to establish a presence and make a change for the betterment of the city and its concerned citizens is by getting out there and riding our bikes. You just have to see for yourself what this means, so come join us, and we will show you.

The Road to Bike Paths in Shreveport

Complete Streets

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development adopts a Complete Streets policy, placing a focus on walkability and bikability for Louisiana roadways. This policy would soon grab the attention of Shreveport which was currently working on its new Master Plan.

Shreveport-Caddo Master Plan

The City of Shreveport and the Parish of Caddo adopt the 2030 Great Expectations Master Plan which includes provisions for walkability and bikability. The next phase would be a series of top-level citizen meetings that would shape the plan of Shreveport bike paths.

Shreveport Explores Bike Paths

Community groups team up with planning organizations and local government to create recommendations for bikes in the Greater Shreveport area west of the Red River. The plans revealed extensive opportunity for connectivity of existing and future destinations using existing roadways.

Bike-Ped Master Plan

Shreveport and Caddo Parish adopt the 2015 Shreveport-Caddo Bike/Ped Master Plan, which outlines the recommendations provided from citizen input. However, the plans did not make specific recommendations for where to start or what kinds of paths would be ideal on which streets.

Pilot Program and First Paths

Shreveport commits to striping bike paths, including sharrowed roads and dedicated bike lanes in a pilot program located in Highland and South Highlands neighborhoods on roadways already slated for resurfacing. Bike advocates were brought in to consult on best practices.

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